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30ml Hospira Bacteriostatic Water. Bac Water, contains 0.9% benzyl alcohol.

Bacteriostatic water for injection is sterile non-pyrogenic water that contains 0.9% benzyl alcohol (9mg/mL), which is added as a bacteriostatic preservative. This preparation of sterile water and benzyl alcohol (BnOH) allows repeated withdrawals to be made from a single 30ml plastic vial.     


Hospira Bacteriostatic Water is a sterile water for injection, which contains 0.9% (9 mg/mL) of benzyl alcohol added as a bacteriostatic preservative. It is used to dilute or dissolve drugs before injection or infusion.


The bacteriostatic preservative in Hospira Bacteriostatic Water helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria. It is not intended for use in newborns or infants.


Hospira Bacteriostatic Water is available in various sizes ranging from 10mL to 50mL. It is important to carefully read the label and instructions before use.


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