Bacteriostatic Water, Bac Water, 10ml, 30ml Vials.

Bacteriostatic Water, Bac Water, 10ml, 30ml for injection is sterile non-pyrogenic water that contains 0.9% benzyl alcohol (9mg/mL), which is added as a bacteriostatic preservative. This preparation of sterile water and benzyl alcohol (BnOH) allows repeated withdrawals to be made from a single vial.

Bacteriostatic Water, Bac Water, 10ml, 30ml is sterile water that includes 0.9% benzyl alcohol and is used to dilute or dissolve medications for injection. Benzyl alcohol, a mild local anesthetic, is added to help prevent multiple injections from causing tissue damage and to inhibit the growth of bacteria. 

Our Bac Water is available in two convenient sizes and is easy to use. Simply remove the cap and draw the desired amount of water into a sterile syringe. It is essential to use a sterile syringe when administering medications and to follow all instructions provided by the prescribing physician or pharmacist.

Please note just like our Acetic Acid this product is made in a Sterile Laboratory for us, please do not buy from underground labs.